Dinner Tonight – Pasta with Veggie Sauce

Tonight for dinner I made a veggie pasta sauce and we had it with Barilla Plus multigrain penne. I tried to take pictures but they didn’t come out so well.

Prepare your pasta per directions on box. Here is my recipe for the sauce:


One zucchini, chopped
One red pepper, chopped
One can of great northern beans
a couple handfuls of shredded carrots
a couple of handfuls of spinach leaves, torn
2 garlic cloves, sliced
1 can diced tomatoes (or you could just dice a tomato yourself)
1 jar of Prego veggie smart sauce
Italian seasoning
salt and pepper

Add 1 T. of olive oil to a hot pan. Add zucchini, garlic and peppers, season with salt and pepper. Once that’s soft, add beans, sauce, carrots, diced tomatoes and season with salt, pepper and italian seasoning. When the sauce is hot, stir in the spinach and let it wilt. Serve sauce over pasta of your choice. Sometimes we eat Barilla multigrain, sometimes I make Dreamfields low-carb pasta. You could even use quinoa pasta.

It’s very filling and there is plenty of leftovers for lunch.


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