Everyday Easy Calorie Burners

1.             When it’s nice out, park a few blocks away from work: This’ll help you burn much more calories! A 50 minute walk burns 50 calories, so park 5 minutes away, and you’ll be burning an extra 100 per day.

2.             Do simple exercises (jumping jacks, pushups) during commercial breaks on tv. 

3.             Take the stairs instead of the elevator. 

4.             Take a dance class with a friend: Dancing makes you extremely toned, in all the right places! Have fun with your friends, learn how to dance, and burn more calories. You’ll look fab in those little outfits 😉

5.             Spend extra time playing with kids. 

6.             Sign up for yoga classes: Not only does it burn calories, tone you, and build lean muscle, but yoga also helps relieve stress. If you hate yoga and find it boring (like me), take Bikram yoga… yoga in a 105 degree room. It’ll have you sweating and feeling like you’ve seriously worked out!

7.             Dance in your home. 

8.             Only watch tv when you’re riding on a stationary bike, or walking/running on the treadmill. 

9.             Find a partner to exercise with. 

10.         If you play golf, walk the course: Walking a golf course will burn you about 300 calories!

11.         Do some yard work: Shovel your driveway when it’s snowy, and burn a ton of calories! It’ll count as your workout for the day.

12.         Start a garden. 

13.         Sign up for kickball, volleyball, etc. 

14.         Go for an evening walk after dinner with your family. 

15.         Take up seasonal activities, like skating in the winter and biking in the summer. 

16.         Take your dog for long walks! 

17.         Buy a pedometer and try to reach at least 8000 steps per day. 

18.         Walk with your child to the nearest park. 

19.         Take up a new activity: Swimming burns even more calories than running! Find a fitness center near you, and consider joining and using the pool.

20.         Park far away from the store!

21.         Wash your own car, instead of going to the car wash. 

22.         During your lunch break, walk around the building. 

23.         Walk around the mall: As I always say, shopping is my cardio.

24.         Try rock climbing: Insane calorie burner, and it’ll have you looking amazingly toned!

25.         Have more sex: You know you want to.

26.         Ride your bike to work. 

27.         Trade your electric mower for a push mower. 

28.         Volunteer places. 

29.         Walk everywhere you can: Leave extra time to walk to places! AND, you’ll be forced to walk back!

30.         Keep items you need (keys, phone, etc.) upstairs, so you’ll have to go upstairs to get them.


1. Jump rope for two-minute intervals. Repeat four times. (111 calories)

2. Run up and down the stairs of your apartment building or house during a commercial break. (42 calories)

3. Stand in front of your couch, squat until your butt is just above the seat cushions, and hold that position for one minute. Repeat four times. (80 calories)

4. Lie down on the floor on your side and do leg lifts for five minutes. (50 calories)

5. Do arm circles for one minute. Repeat two more times. (20 calories)

6. Sprint to the bathroom, hover over the toilet seat while you pee, and sprint back. (30 calories)

7. Grab three-pound weights or two soup cans and do one minute each of lifting for your triceps (put your hands behind your head, with your elbows at your ears and lift the weight up and down). Do three sets. (17 calories)

8. Sit on an exercise ball and do one minute of ab curls. Repeat four times. (50 calories)

9. If you’re not down with that, work your core by simply sitting on the ball for an hour. (38 calories)

10. Stand approximately five feet away from the TV and do lunges for five minutes. (37 calories)

11. Lie down in front of the TV and hold yourself in the plank position for one minute. Repeat two times. (35 calories)

12. Lie down on your couch and scoot around until your back is on the cushions and your legs are resting on the seat back, at a 90 degree angle to your waist. Curl your torso up towards your legs in a crunch and release. Keep doing them for an entire commercial break. (30 calories)

Source: http://getfit-120.tumblr.com


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