Basic Outline of a Detoxing Lifestyle

Basic Outline of a Detoxing Lifestyle

An alkalizing lifestyle, as I embrace with this blog, will naturally flush toxins to detox the body and allow it to return to it’s ideal body weight and be toxin free as best as can be expected considering the world we live in and the toxins we are exposed to, just by breathing.

• Alkalizing the body with chlorophyll rich green veggies naturally buffers the acids from an acidic lifestyle and assists in flushing toxins.  It’s pretty simple.

• A balance of 80% veggies to 20% healthy acidic whole foods – see alkaline chart here – is an everyday way to be constantly detoxing your body. Choose organic whenever possible to minimize your pesticide toxins of course and prepare salads like this one for a wonderful variety of colourful veggies as often as possible and juice daily if you can.

• Consume good quality filtered alkaline water, 3-4 liters per day to really flush those toxins and minimize the detox symptoms one might experience.  If you are quite toxic and have never cleansed you have a couple options- Go cold turkey and deal with the consequences of a detox which can include flu like symptoms depending on your toxic level or go easy and do a slower version by leaning into a clean detoxing alkaline lifestyle.  Start adding as much veggies and green juice as you can handle every single day and continually increase to the 80/20 ratio.

• I highly recommend this juice feast to flush your system and jump start your detoxing alkaline lifestyle.  Take a thorough read thru the feast post and see if it’s for you.  If not, there are a number of good detox kits on the market that you can do instead. I know that the Wild Rose is a good one that is done with whole foods and supplements.  It’s your call, but after all this talk about juicing and cleansing I say go the juice route, you’ll never look back.  It changed my life for good!  If the body can really detox and there are no more or considerably less toxins coming in, magic happens!

A few more things to keep in mind that I collected from the documentary for you and added my two cents to: If you have time I still suggest watching it even tho this is a pretty good synopsis, there’s just nothing better or more effective than the visual.

– Greens like cilantro are especially effective in binding with heavy metals like mercury from dental fillings and fish, removing it from your system.

– Parsley cleanses the blood, so add this to your green juice or toss in your salad.

– Gelantinous fibers like chia, (chia recipe here) aloe and seaweed move thru the intestinal track and absorb and bind fat soluble toxins from the bile salts that the liver excretes and help to eliminate them once and for all, avoiding recycling them back to the liver since without these gelatinous fibers we tend to reabsorb the toxins.

-By removing man made highly processed foods and suddenly adding high water content foods in a vast array of colours via juice that every single cell will drink up, your body will absolutely respond and be on board and return you to optimal health!

Keep in mind….

The body does two things to defend itself- 1. it produces mucous to coat the unwanted chemicals that we ingest in order to buffer irritation or 2. it generates or retains fat to store the toxins, causing weight gain.  The mucous is basically what we call a cold.  It’s self induced.  You don’t catch a cold.  The good news is you can flush a cold by detoxing, simple as that.  A drippy nose or sneezing is the first sign that a detox is in order, pronto! so that the mucous doesn’t get any stickier or go any deeper into your chest. Or you will experience cold like symptoms while detoxing as the mucous drags out the the toxins.

– Cleansing our bodies is not difficult- our body wants to cleanse itself.
– Getting out in nature is so nurturing for your body and soul so taking regular walks even short ones, is invaluable.

– Think of the weight loss as a ‘by product’ of the cleansing and focus on what is going in that is clean and pure

– Once you have completed the detox or the juice feast continue to then add more whole foods in from healthy sources that are more satisfying and nutritive, like this salad!
You will become not just fit and trim but you will feel healthy and vibrant in a body that functions properly for you and stays healthy forever.

– When your body is nice and clean do your utmost to avoid the bad stuff.  The worst offenders are fried and barbecued foods.  These are highly oxidative foods that destroy our skin and organs and are toxic, loaded with carcinogens, that are cancer causing and rob our skin of it’s vibrant glow.

– Eat super foods and your skin, in 30 days, will turn around and will look brighter.  It will be contagious and maybe your friends will start juicing with you!

Your skin tells all- your depth of colour and brightness and clarity show how healthy you are!  Broken blood vessels, blotchiness, paleness is the first thing you see when you observe another person who isn’t healthy.

– Also consider that using make up is just hiding the window to your true health and your healthy glow.  Most make up is a dumping ground for excess chemicals from the pharmaceutical industry- see this post here– that easily absorb into your skin and body. As women we put so many products on everyday to try to make our skin appear healthy and vibrant looking instead of making it healthy from the inside out.  How do you want your skin to be healthy? from the outside or the inside? and do you want to put toxins back in your body after you just detoxed??

– What about your mind, what is going in between your ears?  What’s eating you?  What else is going on in your life that needs sorting?

– If you are over weight what is it that is beneath the layers?   Are you satisfied in your life or under too much pressure or is a past event haunting you?  What is making you eat the foods you know you should be avoiding.  Working with a health coach or journaling daily can help you to excavate and move forward from some of these stumbling blocks.  I discovered with my herniated disc that underneath the layers I felt a lack of support in my life! Hmmm…..doesn’t my spine support my body? Is this just a coincidence that my supportive structure was physically compromised perhaps by these feelings?  I highly suggest exploring what’s going on to see if there’s a connection that makes sense and can help you break thru. I may sound like a looney toon here but we did a course in holistic nutrition school that was so enlightening called the Psychology of Disease. It convinced me that there truly are connections like this that contribute to our ill health and we can resolve them with a little self study and work or a with the help of a trained energy healer.

– How’s your sleep?  Are you getting enough rest?  Can you find ways to reduce your stress?  Sleep deprivation, dehydration, and stress make the body feel like it is in danger and a famine is happening and makes the body gain weight to protect itself. Cortisol and epinephren are the stress hormones that we generate far too much of with our crazy hectic lives. However, ample sleep digests these stress hormones as does exercise that metabolizes stress hormones that would normally turn to sugar and cause weight gain.

– Visualization is a powerful tool that can help you to attain what you desire- your ideal body can be visualized! I used it for my disc- to heal it – and it really worked. Make a visual image of yourself and look thru it for 30 seconds and then close your eyes and imagine yourself feeling this way. Your subconscious will better understand what you want to be.

– Anything that is sustainably pleasurable will decrease stress hormones – laughter works wonders, so watch funny movies often!

This quote by Anthony Robbins was from the documentary and says it all;

“What ever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.”

– Affirmations will help you to be reminded that you are worthy of living a vibrant healthy life and that you can get there, no matter where you are in the journey of achieving or maintaining such a life. Love yourself, you are amazing and you are a wonderful person who is precious and deserves to be healthy, whole and pain free in a body that makes your feel good.
– Louis Hay writes this for you to embrace; “I accept myself unconditionally, right now”
As you say this you can wait for the negative messages to arise, cuz they will. Let them go, just repeat this quote or your own affirmation daily and you will override the negative message with the positive. You will develop a muscle that strengthens your positive self.   Self love will thrive and you will improve your life and your outlook on life.

I hope you are inspired by the messages here and that these vivid veggies make you want to jump in your car and shop for lots and lots of veggies to ring in 2013 with some chlorophyll!!  That’s my plan, I’m about to start a New Years cleanse so I’d love to have you join me!  Drop me a line if you are thinking of doing a detox or if you are already on it cuz I so enjoy hearing your thoughts and ideas of what’s working for you or helping you answer any questions you might have.

Sending you vibrant health and strength to make the best choices possible for your body so you can thrive this year and for many more to come!

A Green Juice Toast to you!


Source:  The Alkaline Sisters



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