About Me

My name is Kerrie-Ann, and I have an eating disorder. This blog started out sad. I was stuck in my eating disorder and depressed about it. But since I started reading and posting more healthy and motivating information a few months ago, my whole attitude about life has changed. I’ve learned so much about taking better care of myself. I don’t have to be afraid of food. It’s not so hard to start exercising, because any bit, great or small, helps. I feel so much more positive about my life and about where my goals are and how to reach them. I’m taking things one day at a time, which I learned to do elsewhere in my life.

I have a son on the Autism spectrum, who also has an eating disorder from his sensory processing problems. I can’t be a good role model to him and his food issues without taking care of my own. Before this blog I saw myself as fat, unhappy, sad, unhealthy and unmotivated. Now things are much better, and it’s all because of the posts I’ve been adding here.

You might be wondering where all of this information came from. I mostly find it on tumblr pages of people sharing their dietary and fitness tips. It’s been a huge source of information and inspiration for me. I post my workout music mostly as a way to remember songs for future playlists, and to maybe also share with someone that may like them. 🙂

A little misc. info about me: I’m in my 30’s and married. We just have our one boy. We live in a beautiful suburb 15 minutes from Minneapolis. I do not drink, smoke or partake in any kind of mind altering substances. I work at a major department store as a beauty adviser and I LOVE IT!

One more thing: If you have any advice for me, PLEASE get in touch with me! This is a work in progress and I’m sure it always will be! Any support and advice you can give me is great. My email is likemeskinny@yahoo.com

Thanks for visiting!!


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